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Dudhsagar Falls Railwaytrack Trekking

DudhSagar Falls located on the Mandovi River in the state of Goa, on Goa's border with Karnataka. Dudhsagar Falls is listed as India's 5th tallest waterfall,and is 227th in the world at 310 m.
This is a four tiered waterfall with a total height of 310 meters (1017 feet) and an average width of 30 meters (100 feet).
Railway track [ in operation] runs close to the falls , which also has few tunnels on the way to the falls, we will get down at Castle Rock station and trek 14km to water falls. Camp near the falls .. and trek back to Castle Rock... next day and board back train to hyd at Londa Junction. we will be back by 10am monday. Whole place will be so pristine in monsoon and added to that different experience of trekking through tunnels[few are 500mts in lenght]. Camping in nature ..
Expect few leeches but you will get used to that :)

Friday 9pm : Kachiguda Train to Castle rock station
Sat 11am: Arrivall../ Refresh
Sat 12pm : Trek to falls 14km ..
Sat 5pm : Spend time near falls
Sat 7pm : Camp in our own tents...../ Dinner
Sun 5am : Wakeup call
Sun 6am : Enjoy Waterfall
Sun 9am : Train at dudhsagar to Londa [ Book ticket before hand , as you wont be able to buy at dudhsagar station, though train stops there] [ Or  Trek till Kulem and then reach Londa by Bus]
Sun12pm: Lunch in Londa
Sun2pm : Trek near water stream [ close to Londa station
Sun5pm : Train back to Hyderabad from Londa

Hyderabad Travel Info :

Train Onward : Kachiguda to Castle rock station
7603 : KCG YPR Exp : 21:00pm -> 11:20am Castle Rock

Train Return : Londa Junction to Hyderabad
7416 : Haripriya Exp : 16:55pm -> 9:40am Begumpet

CastleRock to Dudhsagar Water Falls Trek [ Tunnels and Bridges]
& to Kulem Station
Km info
Castle Rock Station - 25/000
Tunnel 1,2,3,4 - Some are over 300m length
Goa State Border - 29/000
Caranzol Station - 31/000
Braganza Ghat - 35/000
DudhSagar Station - 38/000
Tunnel 11 - 38.5/000
DudhSagar WaterFalls Bridge - 39/000 [ Steps down to Water Falls ]
Tunnel 12/13 - 39.5/000
Tunnel 14/15 - 40/000
Sanaulem Station - 42/000
Tunnel 16 - 43/000
Kulem Station - 51/000
Kulem to Londa [ 60km by road ]

DudhSagar Water Falls Trekking Map
A - Kulem
B - Londa [ Return journey place ]
D - Castle Rock Station [ On ward drop place ]
1 - dudhsagar water falls

D ---> 1 [ 14km on track trekking ] } On ward

Return : Either take Goodstrain and reach Londa directly from Dudhsagar or any station ] OR
1 ----> A [ 12 km on track trekking ] }
A-----> B [ 60 km by road Mulem/NH4 ] }

Stay :

There is place near water falls , where you can camp.. but make sure you are in big groups.

Train Info :

Kulem to Londa [ if we can catch this in the mornign , but mostly it wont happen ]

Train Journey times : [ If we can catch any goods train in between ]

Londa Jn

Castle Rock
1:10 hrs


Villages near
Kuveshi , Gansuli Villages

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  1. There will be Rail Engines[with no bogies] moving through Dudhsagar station towards kulem every 2 hours .. you can request driver and take lift till kulem, if you miss 9am train.

    As altitude is high while in the return towards castle rock all train will need two engines for push ..the reason why single engines go towards kulem..


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